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The Invisible Worship Musician

Revolutionary E-book and follow-up training for the contemporary worship ministry. Gives a firm theological foundation for worship leaders and worship musicians.
The Invisible Worship Musician is an e-book that provides insider teachings on leading your church to produce the ultimate praise music. Topics like spiritual dynamics, “worshiping God versus worship music,” and scriptural references to dance, music, and instruments, The Invisible Worship Musician is a complete guide to worship ministry in today’s church.

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Leader of Worship Mentoring Program

The “Leader of Worship Mentoring Program” is a 20 week program that deals with real life practical issues such as: How to build team unity, How to deal with difficult members, How to lead a very cold church.

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Play Worship Guitar

Play Worship Guitar by is a comprehensive video course that will help you learn the guitar and play your favorite Christian songs in no time. This is a step-by-step guide with more than 130 professionally recorded video lessons covering every aspect of guitar mastery, including posture, beginner chords, training your muscle memory and more.

Play Worship Guitar is also an online library of numerous e-books and other resources on guitar mastery, as well as tons of songs that you can start playing right now. This is a carefully developed course that’s to make learning the guitar quick, easy and fun!

As a member of Play Worship Guitar, you’ll get lots of worship songs, will learn how to write your own songs and be able to play any song you hear. Your membership costs only $9.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

  • No musical knowledge is required at all
  • You do not need to know how to read music
  • No prior guitar experinece required

It is perfect for anyone…

  • Who is a beginner
  • any one with less than one year fo guitar experiecne
  • any one who wants to learn guitar in a  simple step-by-step approach
  • if you want to learn how to play worship songs

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Starting a Contemporary Worship Service in a Traditional Church

Starting a contemporary worship service is a great way for a traditional church to connect with people who are uncomfortable with traditional services. This “how-to” ebook walks traditional churches through the process of starting a contemporary service

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Double Your Church Attendance.

In 90 Days Guaranteed! A Powerful, Proven Program Of Dramtic Church Growth!

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