Worship Backgrounds


Here is a collection of worship backgrounds that you can use in your church worship ministry. You can add these to you screen projection program like Power Point or Media Shout. Place as a background and overlay any text you like. It could be song lyrics or sermon notes. The choice is yours. Click on any image to go to the image page. From there you can download the image.

blue stucco wall

Blue Wall Rough Stucco Texture

Cracked Asphalt Texture Image

Cracked Asphalt Black Top

Sheet Metal Background Texture

Sheet metal texture

Wood Floor

Sunset Clouds

Green Pumpkin Patch

Grunge and Grime Texture

Water drops on Green painted surface

Outer Space Star Field

Brick Wall Repeating Pattern

Grass Meadow Spring Day Blue Sky Tree Branch

Wood Panel Shiny Gold Header

Red Tan Background

Horizon Sun Ray Blue Sky

Dark Wood Grain Blue and Yellow Wavy Header and Footer

Moon Ray Blue Sky Horizon

The purchase of this image collection provides the following Usage License:

  • Allows licensee to make one copy, backup or archive the Content as necessary
  • Allows licensee to use the Content in virtually any kind of corporate setting: church services, conferences, Bible studies, multimedia presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, etc.
  • Licensee may not use the Content in templates for resale.
  • Licensee may not Copy, duplicate, replicate or re-master the Content in any way.
  •  Licensee may not Broadcast the Content over the Internet, radio or television.
  • Licensee may not Provide the Content in downloadable format on the internet or use the Content on a website
  •  Licensee may not Repackage the Content with any other collection of media products for distribution or resale.

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