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Today I want to explore the element of design.  Design is an art and is subjective to the tastes of the individual that experiences the design.  To put this concept into perspective I will present this scenario.  Imaging you are going to but a T-Shirt.  What do you look for?  For most of us we will look for a design that works for us.  So we can conclude that design is a key aspect in our decision.

One of the best ways to look a problem is to look at it from another person’s point of view.  To do this I will present two different situation to help you understand this concept.

Site 1:

Bob is shown a website.  This website has good design features, amazing images, good choice of color.  All the images are relevant to the content.  The choice of font are easy to read.

Site 2 :

Next, Bob is shown another website.  This website features gross and ugly images.  The resolution is out of whack.  The images have nothing to do with the content.  The color scheme looks like it came out of a blender.  There are no less than 10 font styles used on the page.  Each page has a different layout.


Looking these two sites from Bob perspective might go something like this:

Bob really likes Site 1 a lot.   He is impressed with the artwork and design.  He found it easy to navigation.  It was as though the design enhances the content.  Bob, enjoyed the site so much he stayed a while, learned many new things and even came back.

As for Site B Bob could hardly wait to leave the site. Visually it gave him a migraine.  There was now way he would ever want to return.  It was so bad that he even removed from his browser history. Now that’s bad.  The worst thing Bob did not fell comfortable, was distracted and was disappointed.  Not very welcoming was it?


Like it or not most people DO judge on first impression.  In these two cases the impression ranged from good to bad.

Often our ego gets in the way of good design.  The primary thing to take away is to plan your websites carefully.  Get feedback for others and get their perspective.  Remember, everyone is different.  Keep in mind design is subject to interpretation.  The goal is to create a favorable impression the first time.

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