Web Tip: Why You Need a Good Website Design

The center of your online business is your website.  It represents your company’s image virtually.  This image provides your prospect, clients and users an opportunity to interact with you even though they cannot visit or see you in person.  Still, people will judge you by what they see and experience.  That is why good web design is important to your online success.

Let’s say you are operating a physical offline organization.  Within your organization you have a staff of sales personnel.  How would you want them to appear to the client?  Most likely you will want them to look their best.  You would want their appearance to be clean, shaved, hair neat, with nice business attire.  This tells your prospects and clients that you care about quality.  You want to make a good first impression.

Let’s now look at your website.  If your site look shabby and was put together by an amateur, you are communicating to your visitors you are not professional and and don’t care for excellence.

On the other hand, if your website is organized in a professional manner, you are communicating to your visitor that you care.  You tell them that you pay attention to the detail.  A well designed website shows that you are serious about business.

Your business image should be consistent.  That means that your website should reflect the image of your business cards, letterheads, brochures.  The idea is to emphasis your image in a positive manner.  Your business image is the “face” that people remember therefore much consideration is required to insure that you have a good web design.

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