Web Design: The Scottish Locksmith

The Scottish Locksmith, originally uploaded by mediatunes.

Project Description

This is a website for a local locksmith. They wanted to have Internet presence to attract local clients. The owner is Scottish and the name of the company reflects their heritage. With this as a background the decision was made to create a website using a Scottish Theme

Design Process

For this project I wanted to understand as much as I could about the company and they want the website to accomplish. I needed to get an understanding of what The Scottish Locksmith wanted the user to experience. Of great importance was to provide a list of available services, to provide complete contact information, and a sales incentive in the way of a discount coupon.

Graphic Design

With an understanding of the companies objectives I began to develop to page layout. To get me started I was provided with the existing company logo. From there I was able to develop the “Scottish” elements. The color theme would include Red, Yellow, and woody browns. The banner is a representation of a wooden plaque mounted on a stone wall. There is a tartan with the “morran” pattern. (This is the family name of the owner). Also include are images of bagpipes.

The layout was designed in Photoshop. I took the elements and added them. For the site I used a one-column layout with a horizontal navigation.

Building the Site

Once the sites layout was approved by the client I them proceeded to build out the rest of the site. I took the graphic layout and sliced it up and created the necessary tiles for repeating images. Each graphic image and text area was positioned using CSS. First I created a master template file. I then split the file into four separate files. These files are:


Each of the navigation, header and footer files will be included into each content page using PHP include() function.

For site under 20 pages and that don’t need a lot of content updates it is best to build in a static format. This was the case for this site.

PHP was used for the form submissions and JQuery was used for form validation. Once all the pages were created and link through the Navigation system it was time to upload and test the site.

You can visit this site at http://www.scottishlocksmith.com/ to learn more about this organization.

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