Tips and Techniques To Learn To Sing Like A Pro

by Skyler Jett

Some people still believe that a singing voice is only something that you are born with. While this is true for some lucky people, not everyone was born with the most beautiful singing voice in the world. Because of this, practice, patience and education is needed in order to achieve the level of singing that you have always wanted.

It’s time to stop making everyone’s ears hurt and you can’t afford to replace any more broken glass so follow these key steps and you will surely be a memorable singer before you know it. Remember, you may not become the perfect singer over night so do not give up. You have to keep trying and hang in there and eventually everything will just click and fall into place.


Many people find themselves tensing up when they start to sing. This is typically from nerves. While this is a natural reaction, it is not one that is going to help your singing voice. If there is too much tension in your body, your vocal tone will be destroyed. Keep your shoulders back in the correct position and allow the muscles in your neck to relax.

Push The Stomach Out.

Even though it may feel a little odd at first, it is important to push your stomach out when you inhale. When you do this, you allow more air into your lungs. When it is time to exhale, make sure that you are slowly pulling your stomach in by making use of your diaphragm muscles. All of this will help keep your tone under control.

Do Not Fear The High Notes.

The high notes seems to be what people have the most trouble with which means people tend to find themselves afraid of even trying to hit the high notes. Do not let that fear control you. If you want to sing and you want to sing well, you have to learn how to hit the high notes with grace and style.

When you find that you are not hitting the note high enough, try raising your arms slightly and give a small hint of a smile. These actions will help to casually raise your note. For the extremely high notes, close your eyes and turn your face up slightly, really feeling the note.

For those that hit the notes a little too high, move your arms down a little lower than where they are. You might also want to open your mouth just a bit wider by dropping the lower jaw.

Find Your Own Voice. While you may want to be able to sing like Mariah, not everyone can. Instead of trying to match your voice and tone to someone else’s, find your own, especially if you want to make a career out of singing. Music producers want new fresh sounds. You also want to make sure that you are enjoying yourself every step of the way. Otherwise, you will never make it to the level of singing that you want to be at.

About the Author

Skyler Jett is a prolific singer, songwriter and producer, who has worked with many top musicians, such as Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin. He shares his singing tips and techniques, including how to throat sing. You can find more of his tips to learn to sing like a professional singer at

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