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Learn Worship Songs On Guitar

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Would you like to learn the play worship songs on the guitar like a pro?

This unique “play-as-you-watch” process is illustrated in vivid, yet simple, step-by-step detail in this Christ-centered
DVD course.

View an 8-minute audio for an overview and description of the program.  Most of the songs are familiar worship songs to most churches.

7 Good Reasons To Learn To Play the Guitar
with Jean Welles’ Worship Guitar Class

1.  It Will Bring You Lifelong Enjoyment.
Playing provides a creative outlet, joy, and comfort.

2.  You Will Be Able To Be a Blessing to Others.   Play for and with others, with their take-anywhere instrument.

3.  You Can Use It To Worship the Lord.  “Praise Him with stringed instruments” (Psalm 150:4).

4.  You Can Experience Immediate Success.  No previous music background is necessary.

5.  You Can Learn in the Convenience of Your Own Home.   No need to spend time going out to lessons.

6.  You Can Start Anytime.  And at any age, it’s never too late to start!

7.  You Will Save Money.  Save hundreds of dollars compared to private lessons.

For more information visit:

You can watch the first lesson free.

Worship Leader Resources

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

The Invisible Worship Musician

Revolutionary E-book and follow-up training for the contemporary worship ministry. Gives a firm theological foundation for worship leaders and worship musicians.
The Invisible Worship Musician is an e-book that provides insider teachings on leading your church to produce the ultimate praise music. Topics like spiritual dynamics, “worshiping God versus worship music,” and scriptural references to dance, music, and instruments, The Invisible Worship Musician is a complete guide to worship ministry in today’s church.

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Leader of Worship Mentoring Program

The “Leader of Worship Mentoring Program” is a 20 week program that deals with real life practical issues such as: How to build team unity, How to deal with difficult members, How to lead a very cold church.

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Play Worship Guitar

Play Worship Guitar by is a comprehensive video course that will help you learn the guitar and play your favorite Christian songs in no time. This is a step-by-step guide with more than 130 professionally recorded video lessons covering every aspect of guitar mastery, including posture, beginner chords, training your muscle memory and more.

Play Worship Guitar is also an online library of numerous e-books and other resources on guitar mastery, as well as tons of songs that you can start playing right now. This is a carefully developed course that’s to make learning the guitar quick, easy and fun!

As a member of Play Worship Guitar, you’ll get lots of worship songs, will learn how to write your own songs and be able to play any song you hear. Your membership costs only $9.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

  • No musical knowledge is required at all
  • You do not need to know how to read music
  • No prior guitar experinece required

It is perfect for anyone…

  • Who is a beginner
  • any one with less than one year fo guitar experiecne
  • any one who wants to learn guitar in a  simple step-by-step approach
  • if you want to learn how to play worship songs

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Starting a Contemporary Worship Service in a Traditional Church

Starting a contemporary worship service is a great way for a traditional church to connect with people who are uncomfortable with traditional services. This “how-to” ebook walks traditional churches through the process of starting a contemporary service

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Double Your Church Attendance.

In 90 Days Guaranteed! A Powerful, Proven Program Of Dramtic Church Growth!

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Worship Flow Blueprint Video

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Top 25 CCLI for March 2011

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

1 Our God
2 How Great Is Our God
3 Mighty To Save
4 Revelation Song
5 How He Loves
6 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
7 Here I Am To Worship
8 Blessed Be Your Name
9 Everlasting God
10 Your Grace Is Enough
11 From The Inside Out
12 I Will Follow
13 Open The Eyes Of My Heart
14 In Christ Alone
15 The Heart Of Worship
16 You Are My King (Amazing Love)
17 Jesus Messiah
18 Holy Is The Lord
19 Hosanna
20 How Great Thou Art
21 The Stand
22 Shout To The Lord
23 You Never Let Go
24 Lead Me To The Cross
25 Beautiful One

MIDIS , MP3, and Lyrics

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Here is a list of various sites that provide song media to help you learn new songs.

Free Praise And Worship
This website is for YOU. We’re working together with songwriters all over the world to build a comprehensive collection of music (Sheet Music, Chord Charts, Midi, RealAudio™, Overheads) for praise and worship. All of the songs on this site are available for you to use in worship services.

HighestPraise.Com – Praise and Worship
Praise and Worship Resources, Free Praise and Worship Music

Worship Archive
Very comprehensive site with many new and contemporary song sheets with lyrics and chords

Large collection of Christian Hymns in MIDI format

Heavenly midis
Hymns, Praise & Worship, Spiritual, Kids Praise, Southern Gospel, Spirituals, Contemporary Christian Music, Special Music. Over 1000 Midi files

Lutheran Hymnal midis
Lutheran Hymnals, Christian Hymns, Sheet Music for Churches, Religious MP3’s & Midi’s These are the traditional songs of worship and praise from Lutheran Hymnals presented in midi, in mp3, in lyrics and in sheet music.

Praise midis
Collection of Praise Midi

Songs of Praise
Songs of Praise, a unique source of original songs and plays for your church. This site was created by Elton Smith and Gilberto Barreto in 1996, but along the way dozens of other people have contributed their efforts. Each song has a midi file and music score. Many of the songs also have MP3, WMA and RealAudio files with singing.

New Hope Music
410+ Original Scripture-Based Songs & Hymns Designed for Public Worship Gatherings, Youth Ministry and Bible Memorization All FREE to Download, Copy & Share With Others ! Scripture Based Songs to sing with your congregation

Tom Lascoe’s Praise & Worship Song Center
The goal of this ministry is to provide free praise and worship music for church worship leaders, music ministers, choir directors, and anyone interested in lifting the name of Jesus Christ in song.

Music Resources for Today’s Christian Worship
Proven guitar and keyboard-based contemporary music for Christian worship in sheet music and MIDI format (either unpublished or not widely known), made available as efficiently, effectively and freely as possible – that’s the purpose of this site.

Free Music Downloads
Gracies Cafe Top Praise Song Streams

Hillsong Lyrics and Chords
Collection of lyrics to several songs

MIDI Music for Worship
This page is a resource for the use of MIDI for worship services worldwide. More and more people are discovering the use of MIDI organs, pianos, and guitar synthesizers to provide accompaniment for learning music, choir rehersals, and even for worship services in settings where musicians cannot be present. The goal of this page is to provide tips and music files to churches setting up and maintaining MIDI systems.

Calvary Chapel Worship Resources
Songs, written music, guitar aids

Your Christian Home
Here you will find guitar chords & lyrics to your favourite praise and worship songs. The archive is constantly updated with the newest songs. Worship database, articles, message boards

Orange County Worship Fellowship
A collection of praise and worship songs, includes MP3s, PowerPoint chord charts

Background Image: Angel in Bouganvilla

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Angel in Bougenvilla

Download This Image

The image on this page may be used in accordance to the Creative Commons License by churches and other nonprofit organizations for the purpose of backgrounds for projected computer presentations. This image is intended to be used to glorify God as background images to lyrics of Christian praise and worship songs, as well as hymns.

You can use this image in Power Point, Media Shout Media Shout, Easy Worship, Sunday Plus software or some other presentation software to project song lyrics to a screen

If you use this image, I would appreciate it if you would contact me and tell me how you are using them.

Creative Commons License
by John Pape Jr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Mediatunes LLC is providing this image to anyone free of charge. Of course, hosting and development cost money. Keep in mind payment is not required… you’re welcome to use it and share it freely. If you find this image useful and would like to help, donations are encouraged and much appreciated. PayPal is the payment method of choice for donations. You can make a donation in an amount of your choosing by clicking the donation button below.

Who is the audience you serve?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Most worship leaders are talented artists. And there is a certain level of performance that goes into the music. Now the title of this article may raise some eyebrows. Worship leader are not suppose to be entertainers. Or are they? I believe that there needs to be a balance and perspective when we examine who the real audience is. This may come as a surprise to you, but as a worship leader you need to entertain the people you serve. Let me explain. When I say to entertain, what I mean is to make everyone at ease a possible. The word entertain can also be understood as hospitality. Hospitality is a spiritual gift. To exercise this gift means that you need to entertain. Just like you are the host at a dinner party. You entertain your guests. Here is the first person to consider. (more…)