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Song: Everything I’ll Ever Need

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Guitar Strings

God provides for all our needs. Not only that; he desires to lavish in abundance the good things in life.

Everything I'll Ever Need
by John Pape Jr

[Verse 1]
In the morning when I open my eyes
And I see a brand new day
With the beauty of a new sunrise
painted across the sky
And oh so refeshing as this smile come on my face
when I realize that it's you who gives me life
and I thank you Lord

For everything that I'll ever need
It comes from God
The might King
For He gives to me
Oh so lavishly
Everything that I'll ever need

[Verse 2]
In the evening when I lay down my head
And I think of all you've done
How you helped me face another day
and to give me the chance to say
I am alive always living by your grace
and every breath I beathe is because you give me breath
to praise you Lord

You own the universe and all it contains
So you give and you give endlessly
according to your grace
according to your grace

Copyright Mediatunes Project ASCAP
Words and Music by John Pape
All Rights Rreserved


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How Can I Build My Confidence With Music?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

by Gemma Lee

Learning how to play an instrument is certainly a difficult task. Not only do you have to master reading the music, but learning and building the new skills required to play music is also an arduous process. You will certainly need a great amount of determination, patience, co-ordination and a positive mentality to learn a new instrument. But the most important thing you will need is confidence. If you are not confident about playing your instrument, playing music will not only become a lot more difficult, but you might also begin to dislike and not enjoy music altogether. Building confidence is definitely a critical aspect to playing and enjoying great music.

Here are some simple ways to build more confidence with music:

  1. PRACTICE, practice, and more practice!!!

    Practicing your newly found skills every day will not only get you more comfortable with your skills, but it will also build more confidence in yourself. You will begin to feel more confident about playing your music if you practice. Practicing for as little as 10 minutes a day will make a big difference in your skills, and you will quickly become more comfortable with playing music. Try it! It is a simple and sure way to help build your confidence with music.

  2. PERFORM your music skills in front of others.

    Playing in front of other people, whether it is your family members, friends, or even your pet cat, will boost your confidence immensely. You will not only overcome your lack of confidence, but you also get practice in showcasing your skills in front of an audience!

  3. COMPARE your progress with your previous skills.

    Reflecting back on when you started and comparing that with where you are now will help you see the results of hard work, and along with lots of practice, it will help you realize your true potential. You will find that you really have come a long way and have progressed deeply in playing music. This will certainly give you much encouragement to learn and practice even more.

  4. LIST REASONS as to why you are a good musician.

    Listing reasons as to why you are good at playing music before you start your practice sessions will make it far easier to help elevate your confidence in yourself and your skills. Try telling yourself “I am a good musician. I love music, and I have improved a lot since I first started playing. I have great potential to learn more and improve my skills”. It will not only give you much needed confidence when you feel down, but it will also help you calm down to set your thoughts straight so you can move forward.

  5. RECORD yourself when you play music and LISTEN to it.

    This is a great way to improve your music skills! By recording yourself and then listening back on it, you can pick out your strengths and weaknesses. Improving on your strengths and fixing up your weak points will give you more confidence, and it will surely make you an even greater musician.

  6. SET A GOAL.

    Think of a goal or an aspiring musician you want to be like. Setting yourself a goal and disciplining yourself to train to achieve that goal will help you gain confidence in yourself and your skills. Think about how pleasant it would be when you reach that goal! Encourage yourself and keep building on your skills, and you will have reached your goal in no time!

  7. BELIEVE in yourself and HAVE FUN!

    The most important thing to building your confidence in music is to believe in yourself, your skills, and have fun! You should play music with passion and really enjoy it to boost your confidence levels.

Remember, you ARE a good musician; you HAVE IMPROVED immensely since you first started, and you have great POTENTIAL to further develop and fine tune your skills! So be confident about yourself and your music skills and have fun!

About the Author
Registered Teacher and Musician

Song: What Do I Do Now

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Here is a song that I co-write with my friend Steve. Hope you enjoy it.


What do I do now?

I need a new fashion
A new kind of outfit
Now we have reconnected
We just seem to click

I walked a lonely circle
To find a special miracle
You came back to love me
Too real to be a dream

What do we do now?
What do we do now?
That I’ve found you again
What do we do now?
What do we do now?

The door has opened
What do I do now?
What do I do now?
What’s past is new

What do I do now?
What do I do now?
When all I think of is you

[verse 2]
I can’t sleep knowing you’re near
Is that the voice of you I hear?
I’m drowning in your eyes
Without your love I can’t survive

Patience, is what I always had
That one day I’d be your man
I waited so long for your hand
Please don’t be a passing fad

Copyright 2009 Mediatunes Publishing ASCAP
Words and Music by John Pape and Steven Spalsbury
All Right Reserved

How To Create Demand For Your Christian Music Ministry

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

by Nate Sakany

Do you know your Unique Core Ministry?

Have you ever thought about what really creates demand for a performing music ministry? I’m talking about substantial demand that develops enough enthusiasm in the local church marketplace to generate the kind of financial revenues that make a part-time or full-time music ministry possible. Most people jump to the most obvious conclusion: the songs and music of an artist. But there are thousands of independent Christian artists out there with tens of thousands of songs. How can you cut through that mass of music? I believe what really creates vibrant demand is deeper than just the music and presentation. That only serves as a “wrapping paper”. It’s the “gift” inside the artist that really counts.
Creating demand is absolutely crucial to short-term and long-term success with your music ministry. A ministry or business that knows how to create demand for itself will never lack for opportunities or financial support. The most solid and long lasting way to create ongoing demand with your music ministry is to stay focused on what I call your Unique Core Ministry (UCM). That is what ultimately creates demand for your music ministry. When you use your UCM as the springboard for songwriting and stage presentation you will indeed have songs and music that connect with your audience at a deep level.
At the core of Incubator’s entire music ministry system is the concept of founding your music ministry upon expressing God’s grace through your own personal story of brokenness. Your life doesn’t need to be some spectacular story of tragedy, debauchery, or visible and obvious pain. Very often, the vulnerable telling of our story involves what might seem almost mundane from a casual outside observance. But, it has likely been excruciating or terrifying to us personally in discovering and developing our testimony.
As artists, we need to understand the essence of our human story. That is God’s grace to a sinner who would rather trust in themselves, an addictive or compulsive behavior, mental gyrations to avoid pain, or a host of other substitutions for an imperfect and unpredictable relationship with the living God. It is truly understanding, embracing, and building our public ministry upon that common human condition. Choosing a basis for ministry strongly connected to a core human condition is what makes your ministry relevant and desirable. It provides the rock solid foundation for a music ministry that deeply touches people and also provides a stable financial basis for a sustainable ministry.
In the early stage of developing a music ministry, success is rooted in gaining insight into your own life and expressing yourself in a vulnerable way through your music and stage presentation. It’s not hard to find teaching on how to succeed by focusing on your strengths. But discovering and accounting for your weaknesses and brokenness is the other half of success seldom talked about. This is particularly true in a Christian subculture fixated on the impossible concept of perfection in a fallen world. In a ministry context, our brokenness (i.e. the stuff that’s wrong with us) is usually more important than all our great gifts and strengths. The apostle Paul said it simply in explaining how God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. The power of the resurrection only has merit when it’s connected to something dead. The best foundation for a Unique Core Ministry is founded on the scripture from the Book of Revelation (Chapter 21) where it’s explained that we overcome the world by, “the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”
Remember, a self-discovered person stands out in a crowd. The art and music that they create will carve out its own way and will attract its own audience. Even if it doesn’t attract a large audience, it’s always a loyal audience. This process of self-discovery will lead you to a scary but wonderful place called vulnerability. Vulnerability will drive you to God. God mixed with your vulnerability will make for some great art and music. And that great art and music will connect with people at a deep level. And people who have connected with you at a deep level will be long time supporters (and customers) of your ministry. Now that is creating demand!
Setting to a true and authentic understanding of our humanity and our desperate need for God can be a scary process. Well, it will be if you’re really doing the job right, anyway. Doing it with true courage. My definition of courage is not measured by the magnitude of what I’m facing. It’s measured by how much fear I have when I face whatever it is I need to deal with. So understanding your core issue from which to minister has nothing to do with the specifics of the story. More dramatic testimonies are not more effective than more ‘mundane’ testimonies. What makes a testimony powerful is the degree of authenticity, vulnerability and courage displayed by the teller.
I love a good movie (I can pull a great spiritual theme out of almost anything). In the closing scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” a troop of Nazis have captured the Ark of the Covenant (along with the hero and heroine of the movie). It is set up on a makeshift “altar” in the mountains. Indiana Jones’ archenemy is dressed in priestly robes. He leads the troupe in a ritual to remove the lid from the Ark to discover its true contents. As the lid is removed, the fire of God begins to rise from the Ark. It inflames and consumes ‘the priest’ then proceeds out from him – like so many jaggedy lightning bolts – to race throughout the ‘congregation’ shooting through the mid-section of each of the soldiers like a bending and fierce laser beam. The image is powerful. The all-consuming fire of God doing a righteously good job of consuming.
How would you like to see God move like that in your concerts? Well, maybe not exactly like that (the all-consuming stuff would kind of have a way of limiting your return engagements!). But wouldn’t you like to see the fire of God burn within you, then race out among your audience members finding its mark directly in the heart of your audience members like some kind of holy heat seeking missile?
Well you can. But first you’re going to have to pop the top off the Ark. And you’re going to have to let the fire of God examine you and first pierce your heart before it proceeds on its way to the audience. The amazing thing is that this level of experience with God’s grace and your personal authenticity yields an irresistible spiritual force to connect with audience members. It’s a spiritual force that allows God to follow on that ‘carrier beam’ directly to the heart of the listeners. It hits people right in the mid-section just like that lightning bolt.
Think about it. Just like those stoic Nazi soldiers, no matter how much an audience member might like to avoid being ‘touched’ by God, His powerful ‘fire’ would be unavoidable. It would cut through all the mental defenses to the very core of their spirit – just like that lightning bolt. Can you picture it – the fire of God traveling on your own story expressed through simple human vulnerability and authenticity? You’ve probably experienced this kind of irresistible effect if you’ve ever heard someone speak or sing with this kind of vulnerability.
The scariest part about all this is that ‘fire of God’ must first burn its way through us as the spokesman! He must first do a work in us before the ‘lightning’ will jump out into the congregation. So, preceding this kind of ministry working through you, you will need to work through the ‘burning’ process in preparation for Him to use you in ministry to others.
Isn’t it funny how the Lord seems to choose the oddest stuff from our lives to use in ministry to others? It’s sometimes as if Jesus looks at my life He says, “Hmm. What’s the least likely thing that anyone would expect I could use to bring glory to my Father?” It seems the more dead, decayed and corrupt – the better it is. After all, He’s pretty familiar with bringing dead stuff back to life. As a matter of fact, you might say it’s His main gig!
Too often, we have the idea that God does his best work through the wonderful talents and gifts He has given us. As musicians, we often think that people are bound to be touched because we are committed to being excellent in our craft. Or, that God has given us some special spiritual gifts for a communications ministry. Granted, He does work through His Spirit to do the supernatural through us. We do indeed hold a treasure in earthen vessels. More often, God chooses the weak and helpless areas of our life to do that ministry in the lives of others. When God works through your strengths it’s a very satisfying thing. When God works through your weakness it’s satisfying, in a very humbling kind of way.
When I talk about focusing on the core method of ministry, I’m talking about using this method of allowing God to reach others through the vulnerable telling of your human story of God’s grace. Figuring out what that story is and how to mold it into a powerful ministry presentation is not a quick thing. It takes some time, some courage, some good objectivity and a caring coach and guide (that’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work at Incubator). Sadly, the more indoctrinated you are in the church or Christian culture, the harder it sometimes is to get to a truly authentic foundation. But building on that solid foundation will give you a powerful core ministry. It will create ministry ‘fans’ that connect with you at an amazingly deep level. These are loyal fans that will grow over time to become a great spiritual family and solid and long lasting ‘customers’ for your music ministry.
This principle of the Unique Core Ministry is central to what I consider Secret #2 for success in music ministry. That secret is “focus on the core method of ministry.” By that, I mean keep your focus here, don’t get distracted from this foundation. There are countless ways to be pulled off this core method. There are lots of folks out there with myriad ideas about how to do music ministry, how to build your music career, or whatever the latest fad for the indie artist. Don’t be distracted. Stay on this course. By keeping it a central point of your ministry building process, you will not dilute your efforts. And you will naturally make wise decisions that will contribute to building a sustainable and stable future.
You can discover all three of my secrets (and a bunch of other great stuff, too) in my free nine-week online course entitled, “Successful Music Ministry.” It’s a combination of email lessons and online audio and interaction. You can actually complete the course in less than nine weeks if you want to zip on through it. Sign up at the Incubator Creative Group website (Incubator Creative Group). Just click on the “free stuff” link.

Nate Sakany Founder & President of Incubator Creative Group

Copyright 2009 Incubator Creative Group. All rights reserved.

About the Author

Nate Sakany is the founder and President of Incubator Creative Group. He is Christian music’s top expert in emerging artist development for the local church marketplace having served as a full-time professional for 30 years. Nate has founded and managed three artist development companies including his own agency, a non-profit educational organization, and Incubator Creative Group (the Christian music industry’s only incubator organization).

The Power Of Songs

Friday, September 11th, 2009

What does a car ride, a wedding ceremony and any great party have in common? Many things probably, but one thing they have in common for sure is songs. Think about it. So many of our daily activities and our special events include special songs.

Think about the things you love to do during the day. Love to watch television? Pretty much any television show is filled with the songs of different musical artists. Do you prefer to go to the mall and shop? If so, take time to listen in each store you enter because you will find that songs make up the background noise at every shopping mall. If you are anything like me you cannot stand being in the car for more than a few minutes without turning on the radio or putting a tape in your player. Why? Because we love to hear songs. The next time you see someone out for a run on your street look closely and you very well might see a small cd player or another musical device that is pumping songs of inspiration into their ears as they exercise.

Will you agree that songs hold a lot of power? Many songs have the ability to put someone in a good mood or a bad mood pretty quickly. If you have ever been feeling down and then suddenly found yourself singing happily to the tune of one of your favorite songs then you know the power that songs can have. Songs have the ability to help us feel mellow or to make us feel excited. They are able to give us the energy to keep going or to relax us closer to sleep at night.

Songs also help us to celebrate many special events. Can you imagine a high school prom, a dance party, or a wedding reception without songs? Of course not. Because whether or not we realize it, songs have a huge role in most every event we participate in. Many people remember the first song they danced to at their prom or at their wedding. For whatever reason, songs tie us to memories like few other things do.

Many people enjoy hearing songs in live settings. You can enjoy the beauty and power of songs by attending a local concert put on by a choir or orchestra. You can also experience the power of live songs by ordering tickets to see your favorite musical artist or band play live.

Few things make up such a large part of our daily lives like songs. Enjoy the pleasure of listening to or even singing one of your favorite songs today.

Leadership: 9 Qualities Any Worship and Praise Leader Should Have

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

by Chrysty

Invariably, every praise and worship team member is a leader in some way or another. The worship leader then is a leader of leaders. People tend to put those in the limelight at a pedestal, having an expectation that they should be able to perform to their expectations.

What then are the qualities that a leader should aspire to possess to enable them function effectively.

  1. Be a Prayerful Person

    This is one of the most challenging areas of any christian. The Devil who knows the power of prayer often puts many people in the place of non-prayer. The power of prayer cannot be overemphasised, sufficient to say the prayer life of any worship leader directly affects his ministry. The scriptures encourage us to pray without ceasing. Jesus himself who was the son of God, spend many nights in prayer. How much more should we pray?

  2. Be Bold

    A worship and praise leader must be bold and courageous. Bold to encourage the congregation to embrace God and seek for new ways to praise him. Bold to encourage non traditional methods of worship like the use of dance in praise and worship, use of flags, introduce new songs,

  3. Be creative

    Be creative in your worship. Let not words become words but mean them from your heart or spirit. many times after leading for a long period you may find that some words become pat words, words that you say without meaning, and you say them repeatedly, e.g “come & lift your hands“, “worship him” or “this is the day that the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad” yet your mind and heart are far from what you are saying. Ask the lord for a creative way of bringing the people to him.

  4. Possess leadership attributes from Titus 1.6-9

    Have one spouse
    Be a man/woman of integrity
    Be hospitable
    Do not be a drunkard
    Not greedy for money
    Manage your family well
    Be just
    Have self control

  5. Be a worshiper

    Worship God in private and in public. If you are not a worshipper you cannot lead people into the presence of God, you have not been there!. A worshiper is not necessarily a musician, but a person who loves to worship God and stay in his presence. God loves those who worship him in spirit and in truth( john 4:) He is seeking for them.

  6. Have a basic understanding of music

    To lead in worship and praise songs or lyrics, one has to have a basic understanding of music or have an ear for music. It can be quite challenging to lead worship when tone deaf!

  7. Pay attention to details

    This often is what separates mediocracy from excellence. Pay attention to details of your music, the notes, the way you arrange the lyrics, the song lists, the flow of the songs, the way different keys work either together or not, the way different musicians( your musicians) play the songs.  If you will talk between the songs, what will you say, how will you say it, when will you say it,your backup singers, how they move on stage, the dress code for the group.The difference this will bring to your leadership is simply amazing!

  8. Listening to the Holy Spirit

    Many times in the services the praise and worship leader may stay long on a song but he already has lost the people. The annointing is not in the song, and he does not seem to sense or know it. He just goes on for another 5 mins singing the same song, while the congregation’s mind wander away and only come back when another song is sung. A good worship leader should pray and ask the Holy Spirit to let him know when the anointing is on a song, when to stay on a song, and when to move away from a song when to allow the people to lavish their worship on God without a song. The key here is being senistive to God

  9. Ability to inspire

    Inspire your worship team and the congregation you are serving. In other words have an annointing. Where, when you lead, the glory and the presence of God comes down. When the anointing of God is upon you your words inspire both your team and the listeners. The ability to draw the presence of God into a service is the annointing.

About the Author
A worship Minister for the last 10 years, in Africa.
I write worship music. Love God so much! blogs at,

Song: Just Thinking About You

Monday, September 7th, 2009


I wanted to share this song I co-wrote several years ago with my friend Steven Spalsbury. It’s a nice ballad and I believe you will enjoy it.



I was sitting here daydreaming.
Work wasn't done, my boss was screaming.
Don't know what's the matter with me.
Can't take my mind off that sweet lady.

I was just sittin' around  (sittin' around)
Just thinking about you.
I could spend my whole day (whole day)
Just thinking about you.

Love honey it's a funny thing.
Dreaming about my fantasy.
Can't hardly wait for some spare time.
Lovin' you is just right fine.

Girls have come and they have gone.
But honey your the only one.
You're a dream come true.
So I'll just sit here and think about you.


Copyright John Pape Jr and Steven Spalsbury
All Rights Reserved
Published by The Mediatunes Project ASCAP