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How to Play Guitar Like A Pro!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


Well, almost. Maybe you are like our friend Joe.  When Joe was a teenager (long before many of you were born) he got his Mom to agree that he could buy a guitar with the money he had saved doing odd jobs.

Get Excited!

Saturday rolled around.  Joe was so excited he could hardly sit still.  Finally he and his mother were off to the music store.  Joe paused in front of the store and pointed out the guitar he wanted to his Mom.
Half an hour later Joe and his mother exited the store.  Joe was toting a musical case. . .however it was much too small to carry a guitar.  Instead of the guitar he had been lusting over for months Joe left the music store with a violin!

That was sixty-three years ago and to this very day Joe has no idea how to play the guitar much less a violin!  Oh, he appreciates the music of the violin but playing that instrument was never his passion.

Don’t let it happen to you!

If that story sounds familiar or if you are a toe-tapping closet guitar player, “How to Play the Guitar Like a Pro” may be just the ticket for you.

Now, obviously you aren’t going to qualify for any awards after reading this guide, however, this breakthrough guide will teach you the basics and the rest will be up to you.

Getting the answers to questions like the following is easy:

  • History of the guitar – Did you know that the guitar has been around for least 5,000 years ago?
  • What are the different kinds of guitars?  Choose from acoustical, class or what about resonator?
  • Learning guitar lingo – Riff, reverb or tablature – what do they mean?
  • You’ve gotta know it to play it – exploring the parts of a guitar
  • How to care for your guitar – give it the proper care and your guitar will give you years of service
  • Begin at the beginning – learn how to hold your guitar
  • Methods for tuning your guitar – it just has to sound right or you’ll get nowhere fast
  • Learning chord structure
  • How to practice changing chords
  • How to toughen up those fingers
  • How to Strum
  • Learning basic 4/4 rhythm strumming
  • Learning 3/4 Rhythm Strum
  • Feel the beat – how to get it going
  • What is the CAPO

There is no doubt that “How to Play the Guitar Like a Pro” will teach you enough to master the basics.  Discover whether the guitar is your passion or a fun hobby.

Regardless, “How to Play the Guitar Like a Pro” will give you the skills to play for yourself or even become the life of a party!  And, while you are mastering what “How to Play the Guitar Like a Pro” teaches you have fun and know that at the very least you are acquiring a skill you can use the rest of your life!


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Resources for Vocalist

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Here is a list of resources to help improve vocal performance.  If you have any others you would like to include please contribute a comment to this post.
Primarily A Cappella is the world’s oldest and largest company specializing in all styles of unaccompanied vocal harmony. We are involved in many aspects of the a cappella music scene – from recording the best of the new vocal bands, to making the music more accessible thru our mail order catalog, along with producing a cappella music festivals and events around the country. Our goal is to expand the growing world wide interest in this wonderful art form. By discovering new talent and developing larger audiences, we hope a cappella will find it’s rightful place as a significant contributor to the greater world of music.

I Lead Worship: Singers
FREE referrals provided to individuals, groups, churches, communities needing a worship leader, musician, singer, team or band to minister or perform for an upcoming event, venue or position.

Singing In Worship Part I and Part 3
Singing has a very definite place in worshipping God in spirit and in truth. We glorify God in our singing praises to His name. There are only nine scriptures in the New Testament which specify the kind of music in the worship of the church that God wishes in order for us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. This is an interactive Bible study on the role of singing in the believers life.

Singing Praises
Article by by Tom Gilbert

Singing The Psalms
Article by Dr. Richard Leonard.  Psalmody is the use of the biblical psalms in worship, as distinguished from hymnody, the creation and use of extrabiblical poetic and musical compositions in worship.

Prophetic Songs
WHAT IS A PROPHETIC SONG? This is a excert from the book, “Songs of the Spirit”

Sight Singing
The Mission of this Web Page is to provide help to those wishing information about the various aspects of the art/skill of sight singing. Whether you are looking for general information on the subject, classes to take, choirs or chamber ensembles to sing with, techniques to improve your sight singing skills, ear-training software or interesting websites about matters related to sight singing

Secrets of Singing on Pitch
Ebook reveals 11 innovative steps to help you sing accurately on pitch. If you’ve had tin ears or been called tone-deaf your whole life, this easy method is for you. Say goodbye to singing off key and singing flat.

Voice Training
The Ultimate Voice Training for Singers.  A complete voice training program on CD or high quility cassette by one of southern Califonia’s premier voice technique and performance teacher.

Choir and Organ
Choir & Organ, the classical music magazine for organists and musicians, directors of sacred and secular choirs, singers, organ builders, and everyone who loves choral and organ music. Choir & Organ provides insights into the careers of leading organists and choral conductors, examines important instruments and provides comprehensive news and reviews of new publications, recordings and events.

Vocal Singing Lessons Are Your Ticket To Becoming A Good Vocalist

Friday, October 30th, 2009

l_3cb4d037f3daab60a7e001b2da3672dcMany people dream of becoming professional singers, but the road to riches is not an easy one. In fact, the road to becoming a good vocalist may be even more difficult. It is true that often people are simply blessed with natural talent, but that is often not enough in the pursuit of vocal excellence. Like anything else there is a technique behind great singing, and perfecting that technique is what will set you apart from other singers.

For those singers who really want to elevate their skills vocal singing lessons may be something that you might want to look into. In fact, a top quality vocal lesson might be exactly what you are looking for. There are many different types of vocal lessons that you can look into. in fact, there are even vocal lessons that you can take via the internet.

When you are looking at starting vocal singing lessons you will want to find the right vocal coach for you. A lot of this may depend on what type of vocalist you want to be. Are you looking for someone to help you pursue your dream of country music? If so then you are not going to want to choose a teacher who specializes in rock ‘n roll. Additionally, if you are hoping to hit it big on the Broadway stage a vocal jazz coach is not going to be what you are looking for. Instead, look into a coach who specializes in your chosen area.

Additionally, you will want to meet with your prospective teacher to make sure that your personalities mesh well. This is someone who is going to be working with you on a very personal talent, and you need to be sure that you are comfortable receiving feedback from them. Trust your instincts on this. Chances are that within the first few minutes of your meeting you will have an idea if you like or dislike their personality.

Cost can be a big factor in your vocal lesson decision. Online vocal singing lessons may be a bit more affordable so if your budget is tight this may be an option that you are going to want to look into. However, if you are looking for one on one instruction you will want to budget for anywhere from $30-$60 per lesson depending on the instructor and the length of your lesson.

In a typical vocal singing lesson you can expect to begin by warming up with your instructor. This may consist of tongue twisters, scales, or vocalizes. From there your instructor will give you different pieces of repertoire to begin working on. The will help you to begin learning the pieces and then will send you on your way to do your work. At your next lesson you will warm up again, and then your instructor will assess how you are doing on your pieces, and then they will give you advice and techniques to help you improve. Within a few weeks you will start to hear a significant improvement in your singing!

About the Author

Skyler Jett is a prolific singer, songwriter and producer, who has worked with many top musicians, such as Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin. Vocal singing lessons are important, they are your ticket to becoming a good vocalist. Find more singing tips and techniques at