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How my House Number got Painted on My Curb

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The other day when I got home I found a note on my front door. Here is that note…


As a service to the residents of this area, new house numbers
are to be painted on the curbs in the front of the homes in
your neighborhood.  These numbers will be painted within
twenty-four to forty-eight hours of receiving this notice.
This is important service, it enables Police, Fire,
Ambulances, and repair/delivery personnel to locate your
home quickly in the case of emergency.Large black numbers
on a white background will be painted with high
quality paint.

We estimate the value of this service to be $10.00, but
there is no fixed charge, all donations large or small are
greatly appreciated.

In order for this service to be effective, we feel that
all numbers should be painted. We will greatly paint
your number at no cost to you to achieve this continuity.
This service is offered on a free will donation basis
to your community to ensure quicker response times of
need.  Thank you for your cooperation and have
a great day.

Now, me and my wife like this done on our curb, so it no problem with getting this done.  As a matter of fact the letter is rather well written.  Here this guy is willing to paint all numbers on all the curb for each house on our street.  And yes, as long as no one parks in front of the numbers, it is helpful for people to find the right address.  And the way it was written gave me a choice to have it done free or pay for the service.  Either way I was going to get new numbers painted on my curb.

Now this type of thing has been done for a long time.  My friend Glenn would do this to earn some extra beer money.  He didn’t use the letter but the concept was the same except there were no freebies.  And once he had enough money he’d quit and go to store.

In many respects I admire this guy who offered this service.  At least he was offering something of value in return for his request for money.  Not like those people who hold up signs at the freeway off ramps.

Lesson One

Well as promised in his letter this guy painted my curb.  He knocked on my door to let me know that my curb was painted.  And her is were experience pays off.  And my advise to everyone out there – before you pay make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.  My excitement was soon turned to disappointment.  Here was my newly painted numbers.  But they were the wrong numbers.   My house number is 445 and now my house number was 465.   (kind of give a new meaning to new numbers. dosen’t it?)

Lesson two

Make it clear in a civil manner that the job was not done correctly.   To the credit of this gentleman, he promptly fixed the problem.  And I have my numbers back once again.

Lesson Three

When you make a mistake, admit it, suck it up and fix it promptly.

Once the job was done, I did pay him and he was on his way.