Song: Just Thinking About You


I wanted to share this song I co-wrote several years ago with my friend Steven Spalsbury. It’s a nice ballad and I believe you will enjoy it.



I was sitting here daydreaming.
Work wasn't done, my boss was screaming.
Don't know what's the matter with me.
Can't take my mind off that sweet lady.

I was just sittin' around  (sittin' around)
Just thinking about you.
I could spend my whole day (whole day)
Just thinking about you.

Love honey it's a funny thing.
Dreaming about my fantasy.
Can't hardly wait for some spare time.
Lovin' you is just right fine.

Girls have come and they have gone.
But honey your the only one.
You're a dream come true.
So I'll just sit here and think about you.


Copyright John Pape Jr and Steven Spalsbury
All Rights Reserved
Published by The Mediatunes Project ASCAP

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