Song: Everything I’ll Ever Need

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God provides for all our needs. Not only that; he desires to lavish in abundance the good things in life.

Everything I'll Ever Need
by John Pape Jr

[Verse 1]
In the morning when I open my eyes
And I see a brand new day
With the beauty of a new sunrise
painted across the sky
And oh so refeshing as this smile come on my face
when I realize that it's you who gives me life
and I thank you Lord

For everything that I'll ever need
It comes from God
The might King
For He gives to me
Oh so lavishly
Everything that I'll ever need

[Verse 2]
In the evening when I lay down my head
And I think of all you've done
How you helped me face another day
and to give me the chance to say
I am alive always living by your grace
and every breath I beathe is because you give me breath
to praise you Lord

You own the universe and all it contains
So you give and you give endlessly
according to your grace
according to your grace

Copyright Mediatunes Project ASCAP
Words and Music by John Pape
All Rights Rreserved

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