Song: Birds of Brazil

Several years ago my sister in law Mary Ann went on a business trip to Brazil.  As she was looking outside her window she saw several birds sitting on telephone wires.  The birds were sitting in random positions on the wire.  Mary Ann thought that the bird on the wire looked like notes on staff.  She went and grabbed her camera a took a shot of the the birds on the wire.  Knowing that I enjoy writing music she sent me the picture.  When I saw the photograph I understood what she had seen.  After I pondered the image, I went to my composition software and started placing the notes on the staff in the positions that the birds were.  Once I got the motif, began to play around with it. I added some embellishments and came up with this song.  I wanted it to have a South American feel to it so I selected some instruments that fit the region and add some rhythm to the song.  Click on the player below to start listening.


Hope you enjoy it.


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