Leadership: 9 Qualities Any Worship and Praise Leader Should Have

by Chrysty

Invariably, every praise and worship team member is a leader in some way or another. The worship leader then is a leader of leaders. People tend to put those in the limelight at a pedestal, having an expectation that they should be able to perform to their expectations.

What then are the qualities that a leader should aspire to possess to enable them function effectively.

  1. Be a Prayerful Person

    This is one of the most challenging areas of any christian. The Devil who knows the power of prayer often puts many people in the place of non-prayer. The power of prayer cannot be overemphasised, sufficient to say the prayer life of any worship leader directly affects his ministry. The scriptures encourage us to pray without ceasing. Jesus himself who was the son of God, spend many nights in prayer. How much more should we pray?

  2. Be Bold

    A worship and praise leader must be bold and courageous. Bold to encourage the congregation to embrace God and seek for new ways to praise him. Bold to encourage non traditional methods of worship like the use of dance in praise and worship, use of flags, introduce new songs,

  3. Be creative

    Be creative in your worship. Let not words become words but mean them from your heart or spirit. many times after leading for a long period you may find that some words become pat words, words that you say without meaning, and you say them repeatedly, e.g “come & lift your hands“, “worship him” or “this is the day that the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad” yet your mind and heart are far from what you are saying. Ask the lord for a creative way of bringing the people to him.

  4. Possess leadership attributes from Titus 1.6-9

    Have one spouse
    Be a man/woman of integrity
    Be hospitable
    Do not be a drunkard
    Not greedy for money
    Manage your family well
    Be just
    Have self control

  5. Be a worshiper

    Worship God in private and in public. If you are not a worshipper you cannot lead people into the presence of God, you have not been there!. A worshiper is not necessarily a musician, but a person who loves to worship God and stay in his presence. God loves those who worship him in spirit and in truth( john 4:) He is seeking for them.

  6. Have a basic understanding of music

    To lead in worship and praise songs or lyrics, one has to have a basic understanding of music or have an ear for music. It can be quite challenging to lead worship when tone deaf!

  7. Pay attention to details

    This often is what separates mediocracy from excellence. Pay attention to details of your music, the notes, the way you arrange the lyrics, the song lists, the flow of the songs, the way different keys work either together or not, the way different musicians( your musicians) play the songs.  If you will talk between the songs, what will you say, how will you say it, when will you say it,your backup singers, how they move on stage, the dress code for the group.The difference this will bring to your leadership is simply amazing!

  8. Listening to the Holy Spirit

    Many times in the services the praise and worship leader may stay long on a song but he already has lost the people. The annointing is not in the song, and he does not seem to sense or know it. He just goes on for another 5 mins singing the same song, while the congregation’s mind wander away and only come back when another song is sung. A good worship leader should pray and ask the Holy Spirit to let him know when the anointing is on a song, when to stay on a song, and when to move away from a song when to allow the people to lavish their worship on God without a song. The key here is being senistive to God

  9. Ability to inspire

    Inspire your worship team and the congregation you are serving. In other words have an annointing. Where, when you lead, the glory and the presence of God comes down. When the anointing of God is upon you your words inspire both your team and the listeners. The ability to draw the presence of God into a service is the annointing.

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