Ideas to Help Relieve Stress

Ten Second Stress Fix

  1. Squeeze your thumb and index finger together hard for two seconds when you’re feeling tense (or at any point when you feel the impulse to engage in a habit you want to change o simply when you need a peaceful break.)
  2. Now, roll your eyes skyward as you inhale deeply for two more seconds still squeezing the fingers.
  3. Hold your breath for two seconds while still looking upward beneath closed eyelids.
  4. Then exhale slowly, completely, Let your eyes relax, keeping lids closed.  Let the tension in fingers and the rest of your body go.  This should take four seconds.

If you have more than ten seconds, you can after reaching stage four, give yourself suggestions about changing habits or feelings.  What ever suggestions you give yourself; it helps to end with something like this:  “When I open my eyes, I will feel relaxed, refreshed, alert and happy.”

The Invisible Quick Fix

Once you’re comfortable with the ten-second procedure, you will be able to get nearly as much tension relief with an abbreviated version that does not even involve closing your eyes and thus can be done in public.

  1. Just squeeze your thumb and finger as in the linger version, keeping you hand in your pocket or under the conference table.  Take a deep breath and hold a fraction of a second.
  2. Then release the fingers and exhale slowly but quietly.

End the I Hate to Wait Stress Blues

  1. Take a deep breath, and use this time to practice the Stress Fix.
  2. Expect to wait at some point every day.
  3. Use the time to see the funny side of humanity
  4. Exercise while you wait

Daydream, Visualize, Rehearse Events

Daydream to prepare yourself for a stress-provoking situation.  Visualize it in complete detail and rehearse what you would do.  When the situation presents itself, you’ll be prepared.  That is because you’ve already been through it and reacted the way you want to – with calm and control.



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