How to Care For Your Guitar – Part 1

Guitar Strings

You want to keep your guitar in the best possible condition?  As with anything else regular guitar maintenance will go a long way to ensuring that your guitar delivers you only the very best sounds that you desire.  Just as you take pride in anything else valuable that you own and you clean those possessions regularly, do exactly the same with your guitar.

Blitz Musical Instrument Cleaning Cloth

Regular guitar cleaning will also help it to deliver for you a great sound, with no distortion at all, helping you to get exactly the right tones from said guitar.

At the most basic end of the guitar cleaning schedule should be the practice of simply using a soft duster to wipe down the guitar body and neck, but be careful not to use this on the strings themselves as depending on your guitar strings, this again could leave residues of the duster / cloth on your actual guitar strings, thus affecting the quality of sound that you are after.

Your hands too, it might sound a little pedantic, but wash your hands and dry them properly before using your guitar.  The reason for this is that your fingers over time may burnish the guitar strings causing them to lose their shine and if you really want to care for your guitar instrument fanatically, you’ll be paying attention to these small but nevertheless important small details, again to give you hopefully many years of guitar playing pleasure.

You can buy guitar maintenance kits. One manufacturer is the Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
and has everything needed within the guitar kit to keep your guitar instrument in perfect condition.

Changing Guitar Strings

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Over time you may pick up on the fact that your guitar strings are starting to sound just ever so slightly ‘dull’. Or of course, they may just be showing signs of general wear and tear from normal useage.  It always pays to keep a set of at least one set of spare guitar strings nearby, for you may need them at any time.

There really is nothing worse than jamming with friends, getting an awesome good guitar riff going and one of your guitar strings snaps.  If you havn’t anything to instantly replace it with, you may never find that awesome guitar sound again.

Don’t let that happen to you, always carry a spare set of guitar strings with you wherever you go.  Keep them in your guitar storage case and you won’t go far wrong.

As a rule of thumb and depending on how often you play the guitar, you may want to think about changing guitar strings about every one to to three months.  If you get into the regular habit of cleaning and looking after your guitar regularly, after every guitar jam session, you’ll need to do this less frequently.

Guitar care really does pay for itself, not only in terms of ongoing guitar maintenance costs but also especially concerning your own guitar playing pleasure.

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