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An important aspect not to overlook is that guitar looks alone is not a prerequisite to a guitar which will be perfect for you and that you will be absolutely, perfectly happy with.  Sure, guitar looks are important, as each guitar beginner will naturally build up from the very start an emotional attachment to the guitars that they are interested in.  One thing to remember though is that it is no good rushing into to buy a guitar based on looks alone.  It serves no purpose to buy a guitar purely for the reason that you wish to wow your friends, if upon coming to play guitar, you find that this particular guitar after all, it’s sounds quality, is not for you personally.

All is not lost however.  Sure you can find a great looking guitar from the marketplace out there, upon seeing a guitar that you like the look of first though – go to a guitar shop or guitar store and share with the owner of the guitar store the guitar make and model that you are ultimately interested in purchasing.  Heed their advice, take their guitar experience on board, listen to what they have to say, as they really will only have your best interests at heart.

It may just be that the guitar that you think looks wickedly cool, the one that you thought would really impress your family and friends actually does not produce the right kind of guitar sound that you are after.  What you want to do obviously is to seek to find a balance between the two, good looks and a great guitar sound.

By all means, ask any dealer for their advice.  As a guitar beginner, no question is too dumb to ask.  The guitar dealer has heard all of these same questions before many times over and he or she will not mind at all you asking the same questions too.  He / she knows from their own guitar playing experience most likely within just a few sentences, the kind of guitar look and sound that you want, let them advise you, take full advantage of their guitar knowledge and be guided by their words of guitar wisdom.

You only have to ask too, and the guitar dealer in your guitar store will with a very high likelihood allow you to hold and play the guitar of your choice.  Try out various guitar models, see how they feel in your hands, don’t just stand there, if there is room, feel free to move around with the guitar, just as you would naturally, as if you were playing it, of course being careful not to inadvertently break anything!

A guitar which feels natural in your hands, fits your stature and build very well, produces a beautiful guitar melody and sound, you’ll just know when you’ve hit on the right guitar note for you.  Even if you don’t buy there and then, at least now you have it fixed in your mind the guitar that you want to buy.  Take your time with your guitar buying experience, and enjoy and learn as much as you can at the same time.

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