Guitar Lesson: Various Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar

Guitar StringsHere are some of the numerous tips to help you learn to play your guitar. All you need is a pick, a guitar, and a lot of patience. Well, a couple of manuals, songbooks or other resources will help, as well as many internet sites.

Get in tune

First, you have to make sure that your guitar is properly tuned. Nobody would dare listen to a complete mess. If you don’t know how, find someone who knows.

Search for resources to help you

You can choose from the wide variety of resources. You could search for a private teacher, go online, or settle on being alone with your references like books and manuals.

Examples of private tutors are those whom you know…

  • friends
  • neighbors
  • your relatives or
  • someone who is paid.

An online opportunity is endless. Some sell you copies of their video recorded lectures others are on the spot. Still, your choice.

Get in the right environment

Find the right spot to play in. It has to be comfortable. Your guitar must be supported, if not by your thighs. Hold it steady maintaining your right hand on the strings just above the sound hole and the left hand on the fretboard.

Listen to the music

Now, a lot of suggestions were implied by numerous guitarists who had your position once before, a beginner. They suggested that, above everything else, you have to use those two organs hanging on the side of your head just below your temporal lobe, your ears. Right.

Of course you have to use other important senses, like your eyes. That would be a very positive view. But what about those who are blind? Haven’t it occurred to you that at some way they have mastered the art of playing a guitar without even seeing what it looks like. They just follow their instincts and feel the chords. Yes, they listen.

Listening. One of the most effective ways of learning.

Remember you’re handling a guitar. It doesn’t require any of those extra contraptions just to make music work. You need more than an amplifier to change your voltage of music current.  All you need to do is effectively listen to the melody and determine whether you’re getting the tunes right.

Learn basic chords

In the event that practicing goes wrong and absolutely mystified, you could always go back to the drawing board. Memorize the chords. The emphasis on your memorization must be on the basic. The C, F, G, Am, Em, D, E and A chords are considered as the building blocks to your bountiful success in guitar playing. Not only are these chords easier to achieve but they are included in most of the songs played nowadays.

Keep on practicing with these basic chords. Try it without looking. That would be able to help you figure out if you’re strumming the wrong way. Feel your strings tremble and stop. You have to take control of your music.

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