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Do You Dim Your Lights During Your Worship Music Service?

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

The latest worship war (actually I’d call it a skirmish) is about whether a church should dim their lights during the worship music. I’ve heard this coming up quite a bit recently, especially since everyone’s talking about the hot …


Getting the right mood is important when setting up a venue for worship.  When lights are dimmed it does help eliminate distractions.

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Is Your Worship Music Driven by Complaints or Mission in Centered

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

So, let me start by saying that a church should not be blackmailed into adding worship services by anyone in the congregation. I am not OK with older members saying, “Listen, we want this music and we pay all the bills.


I say let the Lord lead when it come to what songs are played in the church.  No church worship leader or musician should be blackmailed into playing a song.

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Why the Style of Worship Music Doesn’t Matter

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Many people have an opinion on what style of music churches should play during praise and worship. Some claim hymns are the best; some like anything without a drum beat; some like anything with a drum beat.


There is a debate amongst worship leaders in the modern church. This debate focuses on the style of music that should be played during the worship service.  Every human alive has unique tastes when it comes to music.  Many of them can be grouped with similar likes.  But the key thing to remember is this: It is who you worship not the style of music.

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Who Loves Us? or What’s Up With Worship Music?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

What I want to focus on today is that in all three services the exact same song appeared … and it is a troubling song in the context of public worship. I know that looking at contemporary worship music is a delicate affair.


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41 Worship Background Image Set

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Worship Background Set

Looking for Worship Backgrounds for your church services? Here you will find a collection of 41 quality worship backgrounds. Mediatunes’s worship backgrounds provide worship leaders creative ways to produce a quality visual worship service. Use these images as a background for any worship lyrics. These worship backgrounds are available in PowerPoint and PDF formats.

We put these images in a package to make it easy for you to obtain several images for your worship service projection.

The purchase of this image collection provides the following Usage License:

  • Allows licensee to make one copy, backup or archive the Content as necessary
  • Allows licensee to use the Content in virtually any kind of corporate setting: church services, conferences, Bible studies, multimedia presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, etc.
  • Licensee may not use the Content in templates for resale.
  • Licensee may not Copy, duplicate, replicate or re-master the Content in any way.
  •  Licensee may not Broadcast the Content over the Internet, radio or television.
  • Licensee may not Provide the Content in downloadable format on the internet or use the Content on a website
  •  Licensee may not Repackage the Content with any other collection of media products for distribution or resale.

Order this collection.

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Worship Ministry Resources

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Building a House of Worship
This book shows worship leaders and music ministers how to build an effective music ministry. Using the image of a building project the book covers four areas to creating a worship music ministry

The Invisible Worship Musician
Revolutionary E-book and follow-up training for the contemporary worship ministry. Gives a firm theological foundation for worship leaders and worship musicians.

Leader of Worship Mentoring Program
The “Leader of Worship Mentoring Program” is a 20 week program that deals with real life practical issues such as: How to build team unity, How to deal with difficult members, How to lead a very cold church.

Play Worship Guitar (mobile only)
#1 Christian guitar lessons website. High quality guitar learning system

Starting a Contemporary Worship Service in a Traditional Church (mobile only)
Starting a contemporary worship service is a great way for a traditional church to connect with people who are uncomfortable with traditional services. This “how-to” ebook walks traditional churches through the process of starting a contemporary service

Double Your Church Attendance. (mobile only)
In 90 Days Guaranteed! A Powerful, Proven Program Of Dramtic Church Growth!

Learn Worship Songs On Guitar

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Would you like to learn the play worship songs on the guitar like a pro?

This unique “play-as-you-watch” process is illustrated in vivid, yet simple, step-by-step detail in this Christ-centered
DVD course.

View an 8-minute audio for an overview and description of the program.  Most of the songs are familiar worship songs to most churches.

7 Good Reasons To Learn To Play the Guitar
with Jean Welles’ Worship Guitar Class

1.  It Will Bring You Lifelong Enjoyment.
Playing provides a creative outlet, joy, and comfort.

2.  You Will Be Able To Be a Blessing to Others.   Play for and with others, with their take-anywhere instrument.

3.  You Can Use It To Worship the Lord.  “Praise Him with stringed instruments” (Psalm 150:4).

4.  You Can Experience Immediate Success.  No previous music background is necessary.

5.  You Can Learn in the Convenience of Your Own Home.   No need to spend time going out to lessons.

6.  You Can Start Anytime.  And at any age, it’s never too late to start!

7.  You Will Save Money.  Save hundreds of dollars compared to private lessons.

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