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New Resources Pages

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I’ve added several new resources to the John Pape Online Blog.

  • Bible Trivia – Test your knowledge of the Bible
  • Daily Bible Story – A new story every day from the Bible
  • Christian News – News items with an emphasis on Christianity.
  • eBooks – There are many resources available to help you to grow and learn in your Christian faith.
  • Shopping – A shopping section has been added to help you easily find items such as books, software, musical instruments

5 Ways to Set Your Goals in Stone

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Here is an excerpt of an article that I came across that I thought would be beneficial the the readers of this blog.  Setting goals is a way to help create your future.  Here are some tips that can help you in the pursuit of you dreams and ambitions.  Enjoy and feel free to make any comments you would like in response to this article

– John Pape

Most of us set goals for our lives. Whether the goal is to climb Everest or to buy a pair of shoes, setting goals can sometimes seem like second nature to us. Even so, setting a goal doesn’t automatically mean getting the result. Sometimes goals are gradually forgotten about and fade away into the back of our minds.

As with most things, it’s better to keep this process simple. These are five suggestions that I use. They’re easy to do and don’t take much time, but the effects are obvious once you do them.

1. Create a “vision board” or “board of dreams”.

The idea is to get a notice board, and let your artistic side out.  Don’t just write a list. Stick up things that remind you of what it is that you want. Photos, gifts, memorabilia, letters, notes, pages from books. Anything that provides you with a reminder of that original inspiration.

Be creative:  This board will engulf everything about your goal and show you all the reasons you want to achieve it.

2. Photos (everywhere)

Images are a source of great inspiration. Seeing a sunset isn’t the same as reading about it, no matter how good the writer. Get photos of what you want to achieve and stick them everywhere you can. Pictures of the people that inspire you doing what they do best are great. Decorate your home with them, put them on your desktop background, put them on your cell phone background, have photos on your desk of things that represent your aims. The picture isn’t as important as the emotional connection to your goal that comes with it.

3.  Leave notes (everywhere)

As well as the photos, have notes dotted around the place. Write notes that explain the photo you have chosen. A photo of a mansion with a pool with a note saying “I am going to buy this house” will further reinforce your goal. The more unavoidable and obvious your goals are, the easier it becomes to remember what you are working for. Notes can be left anywhere. I leave notes on my desk, by my bed, on the refrigerator door, in the bathroom.

4. Your most used applications

What applications do you use most? The majority of applications that are used everyday will have some way of keeping a note, whether it was meant for that purpose or not. I’m an avid user of iGoogle and my iGoogle homepage displays my goals every time I log in. Microsoft Outlook can do the same. Firefox can (there are handy notes add-ons!). Even Windows can. Google’s Desktop sidebar lets you save notes so that they’re ready for you when you log in. Whatever application you use the most, have it remind you of your goals.

5. Tell people (but be selective)

Tell others about your goals. Tell the people that inspire you and will throw encouragement your way. The inspiring people in our lives will add to our momentum. Have a conversation about your goals often. If your goals are well known and a regular talking point, you’ll never lose that inspiration.

Staying motivated past the original spark of inspiration is not easy. It can take discipline and a strong will to keep working towards a long term goal, but at the very least we can make things easier.

Remind yourself of the original moment you set your goal. The reasons you want to achieve that goal. The potential results of your hard work should be seen around your home or workplace.

Hopefully with the above methods, you will find your goals become part of who you are, and you’ll find the journey to achieving them much easier.

Source Dr. Mercola, Lifehack


Resources and Links For Guitarists

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Songs with Chord Notation

English Gospel Songs with Chord Notation

Guitar Tuner
on line guitar tuner. This tuner works only for Internet Explorer.
This site was started in July of 2000, to fill a void in the area of Christian tab sites on the internet. There were several decent sites out there, but I felt that more could be done to serve the Christian guitarist community. Thus, Christian Guitar Resources was born! This site is here to help you help each other. I’ve tabbed a number of songs, and I’m getting better at it, but I still rely on you for most of our tabs.

Josh’s Christian Guitar Page
Many praise songs for your use in your ministry

Rockin the Cross: Guitar
This is a Christian guitar tablature archive for musicians by musicians.

Christian Guitar Network
Now the page is a complete archive with tabs from different archives on the web as well over 100 tabs and lessons done personally by Brian that are exclusive to this site.

Acoustic Guitar Central is the online home of Acoustic Guitar magazine. Founded in 1990, Acoustic Guitar won the coveted “Maggie” Award as the Best New Consumer Magazine of the year, and quickly established itself as the leading magazine for all acoustic guitar players, from beginners to performing professionals. Through interviews, reviews, workshops, sheet music, and song transcriptions, Acoustic Guitar readers learn music from around the globe and get to know the artists who create it.

Spectacular Inspiring Video

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Here is what a human can do with patience and practice.  There are some amazing feats. Absolutely incredible!!

Everything is Possible – video powered by Metacafe