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Project Description

This web site is for a ministry that assists people in sharing their faith.  Specifically, they teach presentation skills.   Individuals will learn how to present their unique message to small, medium and large groups.  This ministry is headed by Mary Ann Mariani.  The web site is a place where visitors can learn about various workshops that are available to help them with presentation skills.

Design Process

For this project I wanted to learn as much as I could about the organization and what their goals were.  I needed to get an understanding of what Kingdom Presenters wanted the user to experience.  In the beginning phase the goal was to provide information about Kingdom Presenters and to provide credentials and principals of the organization.   Also in this process it was important to get an understanding of the visual elements that would augment the message.

Graphic Design

With an understanding of the organization I started to create the Kingdom Presenters logo.  The idea was to show the kingship of God.  The elements of the heraldic shield with wings, banner and crown was selected.  The color theme would be Gold and Purple both very royal colors.

The next point of action was to create an effective web layout that was clean and easy to navigate.  From here Photoshop was opened and began to create the basic layout.  Several ideas were created and the best solution was selected.

Building the Site

Upon approval by Kingdom Presenters it was now time to develop the website.  First, the graphic image was spliced in Photoshop.  Each graphic element was them placed on in the HTML and was positioned using CSS to create a master template from which all the pages would be build.  Creating the master template helps in developing as site and keep pages consistent.  Once the master template was created I could now develop the navigation.  In order to create the navigation a site map that show each page and its relationship to adjoining pages was needed. Some of the pages decided on were these:

  • Home Page
  • My Story
  • Workshop
  • Workshop Descriptions
  • Registration
  • Date
  • Reviews
  • Contact
  • Site Map
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use

Because the site has under 20 pages it was build on a static rather than a dynamic platform.  A site with under 20 pages can be easily managed without a CMS.  However as the site grows it can be converted to a dynamic site that utilizes some kind of CMS.  PHP was used for the form submissions and JQuery was used  for form validation. Once all the pages were created and link through the Navigation system it was time to upload and test the site.

You can visit this site at to learn more about this organization.

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